Sam took part in A Rocha's "Climate Grief and Pastoral Care" webinar on 11th May 2021. You can watch the whole thing below. Rev Lucy Winkett, Hannah Malcolm and Sam shared thoughts and reflections to help explore topics of grief, lament and hope in relation to the climate crisis and loss of nature.


We began the seminar (this doesn't feature on the video) playing the Resound Worship song Hear the Song of Our Lament from Doxecology:



Other resources Sam highlighted:

General lament ideas:

“God who sees and hears”  (Easily adapted to refer to environment/extinction/creation care)

“Ashes of lament” (Active/physical idea. Could be focused more on climate)

Lament article: “Time for Tears” (Grief, sorrow and honesty in worship, with resource links)


Songs - Resound Doxecology

Album of worship songs around creation and environment themes. Includes a songs of lament and confession.

Doxecology: Study Guide features articles on climate lament, and 3 service outlines.

Lament themes in: "Focus on litter” (p 72), “Confession prayer” (p 72), “All the broken a
nd dislocated pieces” (p 76), “Intercession prayer” (p 77).


Hymns -

“Garden of the World” (Sheila Erena Murray)

“Now We Hear Creation Groaning” (Martin Leckebusch)

Also consider other simple Kyries, such as and this from Ghana, and Annie Lennox’s version of Purcell’s Dido’s Lament

Harvest Worship - Church Service pack

Our resource contains a number of environment themed ideas, including:

Creation intercession video (contains lament - p 26)

Environment confession (p 26, also here:


Time To Act book

Order from

“Running Grief Circles” (p 253) “Liturgies, Prayers and Declarations” (p 264)


Other websites: (see John Polhill’s Lament)