The UK government has announced that churches can begin to reopen from 4th July with important health-related restrictions. Significantly, we are not currently allowed to sing together. You should get proper health advice from your denomination and official sources, but we do have some worship ideas which may help in this transition time.


If we're not singing together, music videos of a reflective nature may be a good way to include some musical input. For example, Sam's song "He is Here" is a way people can receive and acknowledge God's presence with them.

Similarly, the song "May the Lord Bless You" is a way of engaging with God's peace.

See our full list of video content here


Beyond Music

Of course, worship is far more than just singing. This may be a great time to re-engage with other forms of worship, such as connecting with the Psalms (click for a full list), or trying reflective practices such as Lectio Divina

Our PAUSE/PRAY podcasts are free, downloadable audio reflections, based on the Bible and covering a range of topics. 

Spoken prayers may also be something to explore further. We have a range of ideas, often connected to beautiful PowerPoint slides. Most are shorter, while others suggest a longer flow of worship such as this Lord's Prayer idea (without the singing). The Church of England has produced a document with prayer ideas for re-entering your church building. 

Outdoor Worship

This may well be a good time to make use of your church gardens or grounds - encouraging social distancing and fresh air. We have a range of outdoor worship ideas available, plus our book Outdoor Worship. Consider how you could make best use of the spaces you have available.

Lament and Sadness

Returning to our buildings may be a time of joy for many, but there remains grief and sadness over many issues. Consider those who will have lost loved ones, people worried about their jobs or finance, and the ongoing conversations around Black Lives Matter. In the midst of this it is important that we allow space for honesty before God. Jesus said "blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted". It is vital that we cry "How Long" and "Lord Have Mercy" in these times.

To help with this you might look at Sam's video for "There's A Time For Tears":

Richard Lyall's video for Psalm 22 may be helpful:

For an all-age context, Sara's video about Tears in the Psalms could be appropriate:

For further ideas just browse around our site, or see this article about 15 ideas for worship without a band.