engageworship will be 10 years old in January 2018! We want to celebrate all God has been doing over the past decade through our downloadable resources, training days, books and worship events. We’re keen to benefit from your prayers, to hear stories of how God has helped you through engageworship, and to continue this ministry into the next 10 years...

Would you help us celebrate this birthday with a greeting and perhaps even a gift? Here are some things we want to invite you to do:

1) Sign our guestbook below. Feel free to leave one or more of the following:

  • leave us a greeting
  • tell a story of how God has used an engageworship resource, training day or event in your life, or in the life of your church
  • a prayer for the next 10 years of engageworship’s ministry.
    (See all the guestbook posts here.)

2) If you’d rather, why not record a video of yourself on your phone responding to the suggestions above? You can upload a video (or still image) file to our website, or paste a link to a YouTube or Facebook video (remember to make the video “Public” if it is on Facebook).

3) Make a financial gift to engageworship via the Music and Worship Foundation (the charity which oversees our work). We are committed to continue to post free, creative and biblical worship resources. We’re also excited to run more training days, mentor more young worship leaders and stretch every church’s perception of worship to be wider, broader and deeper. But none of this is without cost. 

A one-off or ongoing gift would not only make an ideal birthday present for engageworship, but you can also receive the gift of one of our books as a “thank you” in return. If you’d rather not receive the incentive feel free to opt-out of that part.

Sign our anniversary guestbook

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