The Time is Coming

Written By:
Bob Hartman
Bible Refs: Rom 13:11-14
Lectionary Weeks: First Sunday of Advent (Year A)

This is a re-telling of the passage in Romans 13:11-14. To make it more interactive, you might want to have the congregation say the "It's coming. The time is coming" line, each time. Perhaps they can even glance at their watches or check the time on their phone, as they do so. If using with children, you might want to re-phrase the list of “sins” in the fourth line to make sense to them.

Extract from the reading:

It's coming. The time is coming:

To rub your eyes and wake up from your sleep.

It's coming. The time is coming:
For God's salvation is nearer now than when we first believed.

It's coming. The time is coming:
Night is almost over. Day is about to dawn.

It's coming. The time is coming:
So leave what you do in the dark behind: orgies, drunken parties, sexual immorality, jealousies and fights...

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Bob Hartman is the bestselling author of the Lion Storyteller Bible and many other books. He is a much loved speaker with a passion for storytelling, and is a regular fixture at the UK Spring Harvest conferences.  Area 52 was his idea, so you can blame him.

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