Ten Men With Leprosy - poem

Written By:
Bob Hartman
Bible Refs: Luke 17:11-19
Lectionary Weeks: Proper 23, Ordinary/Lectionary 28 (Year C)

This is an accessible version of the story of Jesus healing ten men wth leprosy. Bob injects his usual humour, rhythm and fun into the tale, whilst drawing out the deeper points.

Extract from the poem:

Ten men with leprosy,
skin all scarred and goo-ish.
One was a Samaritan,
the other nine were Jewish.

Ten men with leprosy,
toes and fingers gone.
Jesus came into their town.
So as he walked along,

ten men with leprosy
gave him lots of room.
They didn't want him catching
the disease that spelled their doom.

But ten men with leprosy
still wanted to be healed.
"Jesus, make us well!" they cried.
"Make our fingers feel!"

"Ten men with leprosy,"
said Jesus to the lot.
"Go and find a priest to tell you
if you're well or not."

Ten men with leprosy
were healed along the way.
They jumped for joy and laughed and cried
and shouted out "hooray!"...

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Bob Hartman is the bestselling author of the Lion Storyteller Bible and many other books. He is a much loved speaker with a passion for storytelling, and is a regular fixture at the UK Spring Harvest conferences.  Area 52 was his idea, so you can blame him.

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