Psalm 148 Active Version

Written By:
Bob Hartman
Bible Refs: Psalm 148
Lectionary Weeks: First Sunday after Christmas Day (Year A)

Here is a fun and active way to get all ages engaging with Psalm 148.

Extract from the psalm:

1 Praise God from the heavens. (Thrust arm high, point to sky - use two arms if you want!)

2 All his angels, praise him. (Flap your angel wings.)

3 Praise him sun, (draw circle with finger,)
and praise him moon, (make crescent shape with finger,)
and praise him shining stars. (Make twinkling star fingers.)

4 Praise him highest heavens, praise him outer space. (A choice here - hum first line of Star Wars theme, or do that Darth Vader "Luke, I am your father" thing.)

5 Let them praise him, for he made them. (Point thumb backwards and shout "In the beginning”.)

6 Let them praise him for he sustains them. (Point to ground and shout "Now". Point ahead and shout "and forever".)

7 So praise the Lord from the earth, starting with the seas monsters! (Wave arms, octopus-like, make scary growling sound.)

8 Now, hail and frost and snow and wind join in, (wave arms, make blowy wind sound,)

9 Mountains, hills, (make mountain shape with hands,)
fruit trees, giant trees. (Make tree branch shape with arms.)...

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Bob Hartman is the bestselling author of the Lion Storyteller Bible and many other books. He is a much loved speaker with a passion for storytelling, and is a regular fixture at the UK Spring Harvest conferences.  Area 52 was his idea, so you can blame him.

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