Pentecost Reading

Written By:
Sam Hargreaves
Bible Refs:
Lectionary Weeks: Day of Pentecost (Year A), Day of Pentecost (Year B), Day of Pentecost (Year C)

This is a motion graphics video of Acts 2:1-13, the story of the coming of the Holy Spirit on the disciples on the day of Pentecost.  We've made it for Pentecost Sunday, but you could use it at other times.  It features a stirring contemporary soundtrack by AdAM Parkes.  You may want to have a reader speak out the words over the top of this soundtrack, if you are concerned not everyone will be able to read the screen.

The YouTube version below is a lower res than the file attached.  Download the full version from the box above right (log in, right click and choose 'Save As') - there is an mpg which will play on PCs, through PowerPoint or song projection software.  Or there is a mov (Quicktime) file which will run on Macs, or on PCs with Quicktime.

Sam co-leads with his wife Sara. He completed the LST degree in Theology, Music and Worship, and an MA in Contemporary Worship from Kings College London. He was Programme Leader for the LST Theology and Worship course and now teaches as a guest lecturer there. He also co-leads the worship song website, and has led musical and creative worship at events like Spring Harvest, Youtwork Summit and Greenbelt. Sam and Sara's book 'How would Jesus lead worship' was published by BRF in 2009.

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Carolyn Urwin
27 May 2009 13:03
Thanks for this video which I really like except I think its a real shame you have chosen to use non-inclusive language rather than the words I find in my TNIV ""Aren't all these who are speaking Galileans?" I accept you can go overboard on the inclusive language thing but I will need an awful lot of convincing that there were only men present on the day of Pentecost! For this reason I regret to say I don't think I will use it but I would have done so very enthusiastically otherwise and will do so if an inclusive langauge version becomes available.
Carolyn Urwin
Sam Hargreaves
27 May 2009 13:12
Fair point Carolyn. If i get time I will revise it.
Guy Houchen
27 May 2009 16:15

Thanks for making this available (free), also for reminding us non-conformists that it's Pentecost this week (doh!)

Enjoying the site and articles, keep going

Cheers - Guy
Linda Jenner
27 May 2009 16:55
I liked it but found the finish too abrupt. At the very least the music should have slow faded, but more visuals too would have helped to leave an opportunity for a seamless link back into the service.
Jack Radcliffe
27 May 2009 18:54
I would love to use this Sunday but can't get it to download for some reason. It plays in my web browser. Suggestions?

Jack Radcliffe
Jack Radcliffe
27 May 2009 19:25
Nevermind. I figured it out.

Sam Hargreaves
27 May 2009 22:00
In response to Carolyn's request, the reading is now inclusive language (in the download, haven't changed the YouTube preview).

If anyone else has the same prob as Jack - you need to right click and choose 'save as'.

Thanks for all the feedback on this - I haven't had time to address Linda's suggestion, but my thinking was if you wanted to link with worship you would begin to play over the end of the reading as a link.
Andy Watson
28 May 2009 11:18
Hi - I'm a bit new to using video clips in worship and have a technical question. Do I need quicktime pro to be able to dowload this? I've tried right clicking after I've downloaded it but the 2 save as options are greyed out, and I also didn't seem to have an option of choosing where to download it to when I clicked on the attachment link - it just launched in internet explorer.

I really enjoyed the video and hope to be able to use it on Sunday, thanks,

Wayne Alexander
28 May 2009 11:23
Hi Sam

This is really good - thanks for sharing it with us. I'm hoping it will be used in our ecumenical Pentecost service at our local Anglican church. If not, we'll use it next year at PBC!

Thanks for taking the time to make it, and for Adam for the really powerful music.

Grace and peace,

Wayne Alexander
Sam Hargreaves
28 May 2009 13:15
Andy you don't need QT pro - have you right clicked on 'Pentecost Reading Video' (under Attachments - above) and chosen 'Save as' (or something similar depending on browser?) You should then get a dialogue letting you save it wherever you want?
Ian Newington
09 Jun 2009 22:51
Used the Pentecost video the other week. It went down well and was much appreciated. My only comment is that it was a little fast to read to, especially the Pathians. Elamites etc.. bit!

Slightly odd place to stop.

Looking forward to the next.
Ingrid Randall
30 May 2011 13:08
Thank you Sam. This is amazing and so generous of you to share it. I'm really hoping it will play from our church laptop. Love your website, by the way, and the amazing graphics.
Ingrid Randall
Linda Nicolson
31 May 2011 15:20
Awesome - thank you.
Alan Lloyd
10 Jun 2011 17:42
Good, but I think I would have used title case for the words (much easier to read than upper case). And I would also have faded into speaking in tongues, or worship in tongues (or are you cessationists )

Alan Lloyd
25 May 2014 20:17
I like the video, but it goes too fast. If I would play this at church they would have to read it really fast, and in doing that, we lose the importance of it. I barely got through reading parts of it before it changed. Otherwise, I really like it, but will not play it because of the reasons stated.
Andy G
22 May 2015 14:50
Like your work ... thank you for making it available.
Like Carolyn I was a bit put off by the non-inclusive language, so pleased that you edited the download version ... However, just downloaded and still appears as exclusive ... am I doing something wrong??
Andy G
22 May 2015 14:50
Like your work ... thank you for making it available.
Like Carolyn I was a bit put off by the non-inclusive language, so pleased that you edited the download version ... However, just downloaded and still appears as exclusive ... am I doing something wrong??
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