John's Object Lesson creative reading

Written By:
Bob Hartman
Bible Refs: Luke 3:7-18
Lectionary Weeks: Third Sunday of Advent (Year C)

A fun, energetic exploration of John the Baptist's call to repentance!

As you will see, this reading will work best if practiced well and done in a snappy fashion. It also lends itself to a lot of humour. You could, for example, use a picture of Keith Richards for the "Stone" and then follow it up with a guitar for the "axe". You could hold up four candles for the "fork" if you were in a Two Ronnies mood. And having said that, you could do all of this on the screen and not have any actual objects at all. Mind you, the fumbling about for the right object, assuming they are all laid out on a table before Reader 1, could be more fun.

Excerpt from the script:

Reader 1 - Today, an object lesson from John the Baptist.

Reader 2 - Crowds came to the Jordan river to hear John speak. And this is what he said:

Reader 1 - (holds up rubber snake and shouts:) "Snakes! Poisonous snakes!”

Reader 2 - (who is more or less playing John.) “That's what you are. Snakes! A brood of vipers! So here's what I want to know. Who told you that punishment is about to fall on you. Who warned you to run and hide? “God wants your repentance to be genuine. He wants you to live like you meant it when you promised to change your ways. He wants your life to bear good…"

Reader 1 - (holds up apple, banana, whatever and shouts:) "Fruit!"
Reader 2 - “See? It's as simple as that...

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Bob Hartman is the bestselling author of the Lion Storyteller Bible and many other books. He is a much loved speaker with a passion for storytelling, and is a regular fixture at the UK Spring Harvest conferences.  Area 52 was his idea, so you can blame him.

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