Jesus is Lord shout

Written By:
Michael Perry
Bible Refs: Phil 2
Lectionary Weeks: Holy Name of Jesus (Year A), Holy Name of Jesus (Year B), Holy Name of Jesus (Year C)

This piece of spoken worship is particularly useful because it requires no printed or projected words to involve a whole congregation.  We've used it at Spring Harvest, on our 'How would Jesus worship' tour and in regular Sunday services.

Explain to the congregation that you are going to say a line, to which you want them to respond 'Jesus is Lord'. The interested bit comes in that they say the response louder if your hand is higher, softer if your hand is lower.  Start the paraphrase of the famous passage with your hand held high, and then gradually move it lower, so the crowd end up speaking the phrase in a hushed whisper.  Then begin to raise your hand in the second half, builing the response to a joyful shout.  We've often had the band begin building music under the second half to aid the crescendo and help us move into a song of praise.

This piece was written by the late Michael Perry, who penned stacks of great Bible prayer material.  You can get hold of lots of it for free by going to and searching under his name.


(gradually getting quieter)
Equal with God:
Jesus is Lord
Emptied himself:
Jesus is Lord
Came as a slave:
Jesus is Lord
Found as a man:
Jesus is Lord
Humbly obeyed:
Jesus is Lord
Went to his death:
Jesus is Lord
Death on a cross:
Jesus is Lord

(getting louder)

God raised him up:
Jesus is Lord
Gave him the name:
Jesus is Lord
Higher than all:
Jesus is Lord
Every knee bow:
Jesus is Lord
All tongues confess:
Jesus is Lord

Words: Michael Perry © Mrs B Perry / Administered by The Jubilate Group,
4 Thorne Park Road, Torquay TQ2 6RX, UK
used by permission

Michael Perry (1942-1996) was one of the UK's leading hymn writers of the 20th century. He was closely associated with Jubilate Hymns. A Reverend in the church of England, he wrote the Dramatised Bible and a great number of Bible liturgies, which can be accessed for free at and searching for Michael Perry.

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Kieran Metcalfe
26 Apr 2011 10:11
I saw Sam use this in the Big Top at Spring Harvest this year with a couple of thousand people, and we used it in our evening service on Easter Day with 30 people. It worked equally well in either setting. Thanks for sharing it :)
Lisa Holland
12 May 2011 21:56
I was in the Big Top at Skegness when Sam used this, it was really effective. I am planning to use it next week when I lead the service for the first time!! We have a short time at the start of the service before the children leave and I think they will enjoy the interaction.
Jo Crowe
16 Jun 2011 02:13
I have just signed into this site, having used a couple of ideas from memory, tonight at out prayer and healing service. I went to Sam's seminar "More than a song" on Creative Worship at Spring Harvest Minehead, Week 3.

Turns out I got the ideas completely wrong as I used the whole of the original Philippians passage (from the English Standard version), printed out, so that I said the phrases and the congregation repeated the phrase. About the onlt thing Igot right from memory was the hands and the starting out loud, going down to soft around the death of Christ and finishing on a high. All I can say is that by the end, due to misjudging the amount my hands went down, I was standing on tip toes with arms totally outstretched to the heavens, and do you know what, that really worked for me, as I do not tend to raise my hands in worship - mind you, I am usually the keyboard player. Lol. But the small group of people present really loved it too. Entered into the spirit of it really well. I must try the definitive version some time....

The other idea I tried tonight was the make up a song from Resound site. I used the chorus of "O Come Let Us Adore Him", with about four suggestions of my own and about five from the congregation. It really felt inclusive, and again, people really welcomed it.

It helped to make quite a special night together....
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