God stays the same Poem

Written By:
Sam Hargreaves
Bible Refs: Heb 13:8

This poem was written as an introduction to singing the song 'Everlasting God' by Vicky Beeching, to get people thinking about God being unchangind in a transitory world.  The contemporary images on the PowerPoint make it useful in an outreach or youth setting.  It could be just used for reflection, or flowing into a song which speaks of God's faithfulness.

Fashions fade,
favourites are erased,
A-listers evaporate;
God stays the same.

Machines rust,
innovation turns to dust,
computers crash;
God stays the same.

Politicians U-turn,
new solutions crash and burn,
headlines become yesterdays news:
God stays the same.

Friends forget,
lovers cause regret,
families fail;
God stays the same.

Who was?
Who is?
Who is to come?
Jesus stays the same.


(c) Sam Hargreaves/engageworship.org

Sam co-leads engageworship.org with his wife Sara. He completed the LST degree in Theology, Music and Worship, and an MA in Contemporary Worship from Kings College London. He was Programme Leader for the LST Theology and Worship course and now teaches as a guest lecturer there. He also co-leads the RESOUNDworship.org worship song website, and has led musical and creative worship at events like Spring Harvest, Youtwork Summit and Greenbelt. Sam and Sara's book 'How would Jesus lead worship' was published by BRF in 2009.

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John Grundy
20 Jan 2009 17:16
This is brilliant! And so reassuringly true! I hope to use the ppt asap. Many thanks, Sam.
Just visited the website for the first time - there are some great resources here.
Every blessing, John G
Gavin Ball
28 May 2009 12:51
Hi Sam,

i used this in my church on sunday and it was very helpful, thanks so much for writing it!

Bree Truax
19 Apr 2012 01:20
Wonderful! Love it! Will definitely utilize it to God's glory! Thank you!
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