Easter Dramas

Written By:
Chloe Axford
Type: drama
Bible Refs:

These three Easter scripts are designed to be performed on Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday, but each could stand alone if necessary. They depict the Easter story through the eyes of Ellie, an ambitious young TV reporter and Graham, a weathered and experienced TV cameraman.

Notes on direction:

Palm Sunday drama - The 'crowd' who have come to see Jesus arriving in Jerusalem are facing the church congregation and should mime Jesus passing in front of them at the right moment so you do not actually have to have an actor riding in on a donkey (unless of course you want to!) Ellie and Graham the cameraman should stand at the front of the crowd with Graham alternately filming the crowd with his back to the congregation and then turning to face the congregation and film the imaginary Jesus. NB: I have suggested the two women in the crowd should be played by men for comedy effect but this is not necessary if you are short of male actors.

Crucifiction drama - If you have radio mics this drama works well with Ellie and Graham starting to speak their lines as they walk from the back to the front of the church, as if they were climbing the hill towards the cross. They should sound slightly out of breath as if the climb were an effort.  They should only see the cross at the last minute - as if rounding a corner and suddenly spotting it. If you have a cross in the church the actors should end up standing just in front of it with their backs to the congregation, if not it can be imagined!

Easter Sunday drama
- Again, if you have radio mics, Ellie and Graham should begin by walking through the congregation as if they are walking through a garden. The two Roman soldiers should start miming looking for the body of Jesus some time before Ellie and Graham reach them. The two Roman soliders are supposed to be fairly comic characters but Mary Madelaine should be played straight.

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Chloe Axford lives in Devon with her husband Nick and kids. They are volunteer worship leaders at their church and run an alternative worship stream in the evening service called Creative Space. Chloe spent two years working in creative arts ministry at a church in London and now works as a journalist (when not dreaming up imaginative uses for tea lights, post-it notes and stones).

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Previous Comments:

Sarah Campbell
05 Apr 2010 16:29
We used the Easter Sunday drama yesterday morning with some of our young adults taking the parts and it worked brilliantly - and we never rehearsed it! Thank you so very much
Sam Hargreaves
05 Apr 2010 18:39
Thanks Sarah - great to know how the stuff is being used!
Pearl Groat
20 Mar 2014 17:58
Can you please tell me what the link says. I am tryng to look at the crucifiction drama and I have signed in, but cannot find a "link above." thanks for your help with this
Sara Hargreaves
20 Mar 2014 18:23
Pearl - click on the link on the top right hand side, under 'attachments' (the top green bar). Let us know if you can't make it work!
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