Babeling On poem

Written By:
Bob Hartman
Bible Refs: Gen 11:1-9
Lectionary Weeks: Day of Pentecost (Year C)

Here is a fun, Dr Seuss style re-telling of the Babel story. Enjoy!

Extract from the poem:

Back in the days
when the world was quite young
there was only one language:
that's right, only one.

No Swedish or English
and no Portuguese,
just one common tongue
they all spoke with ease.

Not sure what they called it,
we don't know its name,
but everyone used it
and all spoke the same.

So when they went East
to a place they called Shinar
they decided to make
a city much finer.

And because when they spoke
they could all understand,
they concocted together
a really big plan.

They made hardened bricks
(stone was not good enough),
and they glued them together
with bitumen stuff...

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Bob Hartman is the bestselling author of the Lion Storyteller Bible and many other books. He is a much loved speaker with a passion for storytelling, and is a regular fixture at the UK Spring Harvest conferences.  Area 52 was his idea, so you can blame him.

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