Advent Candles Liturgy

Written By:
Angela Bryan
Bible Refs: John 1

Like many other churches, we do the advent-candle-lighting in the early part of the service when all ages are worshipping together.  Partly inspired by Richard Lyall's advent icons, this is a simple liturgy for all ages, with flat icons.

There are two versions of the PowerPoint - one is animated and requires you to have the font Berlin Sans FB, otherwise the formatting might not be quite right.  If you have any problems with this, or want a simpler presentation, download the 'flat' version.

It's worth getting the congregation to rehearse an echo before you use this for the first time - encourage them to say the word 'come' loudly to begin with, but then quieter and finally as a whisper.  The leader says the words in white, and everyone responds with the words in yellow.  I intend to use this followed immediately by the chorus of 'All who are thirsty' (Brenton Brown & Glenn Robertson), or the chorus of 'Great is the Darkness' (Noel Richards & Gerald Coates).

Into the darkness of our world...
Lord Jesus, come (come, come, come)

Into the darkness in our homes...
Lord Jesus, come (come, come, come)

Into the darkness in our hearts...
Lord Jesus, come (come, come, come)

Angela is a Priest-in-Charge of an estate church, and estates missioner for Rochdale Deanery. She loves Jesus, custard, music, theatre, and being creative in worshipping God.

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Francie Olliver
12 Oct 2013 06:34
Is this designed for use on only one Sunday or to be used each of the Sundays of Candle lighting for Advent?
Angela Bryan
12 Oct 2013 10:20
Hi Francie. The idea is to use it each week. Younger church members often find repetition helpful, and hopefully the echo is engaging enough that they want to keep doing it. If you wanted to reflect the changing focus of each week during advent, you could use a prayer afterwards that mentioned that, rather than singing? Angela
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