A prayer to use at Candlemas

Written By:
Sara Hargreaves
Bible Refs: Luke 2:22-40

On the 2nd of February is Candlemas. For an evangelical Protestant like myself it was an unknown festival, but as there are so few occasions between Christmas and Easter for bog-standard evangelicals, I thought it was worth reading up on.

In short, candlemas commemorates the occasion in Luke 2 when Joseph and Mary brings baby Jesus to the temple. According to Jewish law, a woman who had given birth to a boy had to wait forty days before joining in temple or synagogue worship, and needed to be ritually purified at that time to be able to re-join her community. So, that's what Mary got up to. The Law demanded as well that the infant was to be consecrated to the Lord and sacrifices be made. There also happened to be a couple of prophets in the temple that day, Simeon and Anna, who had some good things to say about the baby.

Apparently, Candlemas is so called because the church's candles are blessed for the year, but the theme of light is also strong in Simeon's prayer.

I've constructed a simple prayer based on Luke 2:22-40 and the theme of darkness and light. To add symbolism and visual interest, you may want to light a candle at each of the congregation's responses.

You can obviously use this prayer at any time you want to pray for Christ's light to shine in darkness - not just in February!

Sara co-leads engageworship.org together with husband Sam, drawing from her experience in music, worship and youthwork. She is also a mum of two wonderful children and they all live in groovy Luton.

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