'How to worship on your own' prayer stations

Written By:
Sara Hargreaves
Bible Refs: Matt 6:5-6, Psalm 1-150
Lectionary Weeks: Ash Wednesday (Year C)

These stations are specifically created for young people, and we've made them for our youth worship training day this Saturday. We wanted to teach those young people who are involved in worship in their churches, to also be able to worship on their own (Matthew 6:5-6). But this is obviously important for non-musicians as well, and the stations are of a very simple 'having a go' character. We are going to start the session with a short talk about the importance of being able to worship God in private, drawing for example from the passages of Jesus withdrawing to be with the Father. Next we will encourage the young people to pick one or two of the stations and to have a go. After about 15 minutes, we are going to ask the young people to talk to each other about their experience and we might also read out some of the ideas written on the 'Ideas station'. I'll let you know how it goes!


These are the stations (download pdf instruction sheets above; they all have slightly more respectable names):

1. The Arty One
Using drawing material, create an image that in some way expresses these verses from Psalm 18: 1-3

Need: Art material, Bibles

2. The Writing One
Rewrite a psalm in your own language; how would you say this to God? (suggestions: Ps 8, 25 or 84)

Need: Pens, paper, Bibles

3. The Play-dough One
Sculpt a representation of what you’re feeling towards God right now.

Need: Modelling clay

4. The Poetry One
Pick 10 (or more) of the following words and write a poem of worship to God:...

Need: Pens, paper

5. The Reading One

Lectio Divina

Need: Instruction sheets, Bibles

6. The Techie One

Having the Names of God ppt rolling and an instruction sheet with ideas for other websites to visit.

Need: Computer, download of 'Names of God' video

7. The Ideas One
Graffiti board for people to write their own ideas of how to worship on your own.

Need: Large sheets of paper, marker pens

Sara co-leads engageworship.org together with husband Sam, drawing from her experience in music, worship and youthwork. She is also a mum of two wonderful children and they all live in groovy Luton.

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Lisa Holland
31 Aug 2011 16:39
i am going to use several of these ideas for our next prayer day. The theme is Psalms, to co-incide with our sermon series at church. I am looking for ideas to involve all the senses too, Taste and see that the Lord is good, ps 34, for example is going to feature fruit salad! Your idea about modelling clay will fit in well with the 'touch' station. The Names of God will feature in the 'vision' station. Need an idea for smell....!
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